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In today’s modern mobile world, laptops, tablets and mobile phones are replacing steel and glass office skyscrapers. Your portable communications network has the power to liberate you from elevators, cubicles and parking garages. Software Made Simple helps you make the most of the modern technology that you carry in your pocket or your briefcase to make your business completely mobile.

We provide complete training on a wide range of technology platforms that give you all the power of a Fortune 500 in the backseat of a Fiat 500:

Software Made Simple helps you control the information technology so you’re free to take your business with you whereever your opportunities take you.

Microsoft Office Training

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote: The powerful programs that form the core of Microsoft Office have become the gold standard for wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentation and email and organizational software. Every aspect of our modern business life depends on how well we can explore the power of these programs to help us work more efficiently; provide us with with critical business information; and help us communicate with the people we do business with. Our certified Microsoft training will take you from the basics to mastery.

Knowing the basics of each of these programs are a necessity for everyone in business. Understanding the power tools in these programs gives you the ability to transform your professional business communication skills.



Our Microsoft Word training takes you from the basics of navigating Words options and  menu items through advanced training in stylesheet management, image formatting, templates, mail merge, tables and borders — in short, full training in the tools that make this the pre-eminent word processing software.




What Word does for text, Excel does for numbers. In our Excel basics program, we’ll show you how to build powerful spreadsheets that pinpoint critical business trends, and how to capture those trends in eye-catching graphics that focus attention on the essential details. In our Excel Experts program, we show you how to automate the importation and exportation of data. We show you how easy it is to automate the analysis of that data with the power of Microsoft Visual Basic. How to use Excel’s powerful formatting tools to automate the visual presentation of your data. And most important, how to use Excel to make you an expert data analyst without becoming a mathematician.




Take powerful business data uncovered in Excel, accompanied by a well reasoned discussion created in Word and you have the fundamentals of a boring meeting. We show you how easy it is to create Powerpoint presentations that combine the great information generated in the other Office programs into a lively audiovisual presentation. We’ll teach you how to master slideshow creation; import text, tables and images; use and develop Powerpoint themes; build transitions between slides and between items on a slide; and embed audio, Flash and animation to make a knockout professional presentation.



Most people use Outlook to read and send emails, but this powerful program has the ability to transform the organization of all of your professional activities. We teach you how to use Outlook to manage all your contacts, schedule your daily activities, post reminders for follow-ups with key clients and prospects. In short, whenever you need to be in contact, Outlook keeps you in touch.



Microsoft Access is the key that drives 21st Century data analysis. Your competitive advantage in the marketplace and the workplace depends on your understanding the power of the information available today and your ability to access the tools that open the doors to that information. Our Microsoft Certified training program will take you from the basics of setting up a database — understanding the relationships between fields, records, tables, queries and forms — to mastery of the power tools built into Access that allow you to automate data collection and analysis.

Microsoft OneNote

For years, the three core products in Microsoft Office were Word, Excel and PowerPoint. OneNote has quickly joined that core group and is now moving out ahead of its partner products as the centerpiece of the new mobile on-the-go Office.

What is OneNote? For Office users who haven’t ventured past Office’s great word processing, spreadsheeting and presentation software products, OneNote is the glue that ties office production and organization together. It’s a to-do manager, a virtual notebook, a mobile filecabinet. It’s a highly intuitive, powerful and versatile tool for organizing, storing and retrieving all the business information that gives you a competitive advantage in the workplace. Jot down your to-do lists, record ideas that pop into your head, take notes at meetings. Store anything audio, text, photos, videos, even handwritten notes (and convert them into editable text). And it’s completely mobile. You can take it with you.

Our Microsoft Certified Training professionals will show you how to get full advantage of this versatile and powerful tool. We show you how to capture and store information, how to use OneNote’s flexible and intuitive organizational structure to file your information for easy retrieval and we show you how quickly and easily you’ll be able to find everything in your OneNote system.

And best of all, once you know how to use the program, we show you how easy it is to use OneNote to change the way your organize your critical business information

Quickbooks Support

Meet your business’s new best friend. If you own a small business, Quickbooks is the one tool that manages your finances, organizes your client database and give you control over the day-to-day tasks of managing your business.

Our Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor can help through the process of setting up your company’s files; support you as you get comfortable with the basic tools of running accounts receivable, generating invoices, and managing payroll. And as you get more proficient, we can support you when you need the Quickbooks power functions like preparing financial statements or tracking international transactions.

We also offer complete training courses that will take you through the whole process of managing your business’s finances.

Neat Scanner

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ― Albert Einstein
A Neat Scanner and Neat Works Software!! — Software Made Simple

Transform your world. The Neat Scanner with built in multi-size automatic paper feed turns the swarm of paper that attacks us all into Neat files on your computer. Not only is the paper gone: Each piece is OCR read and stored where it belongs. Business cards are automatically filed in your contact list. Bills and receipts are entered into Quickbooks in their proper category with the taxes are tallied separately. (This feature alone pays for the whole system.) Documents and brochures are OCR scanned and stored in the appropriate client folder. The Neat Scanner is a terrific tool for organizing photos. Great high resolution color and black and white scans are instantly organized and searchable using the Neat Desk Software.

The scanner itself is smaller than a standard letter sized page, but it can handle paper sizes up to 30″ long, so it takes up very little space in your office. And it’s fast, more than 48 double sided pages in a minute. With its 600 dpi resolution, it captures text at high resolution for accurate OCR scanning. And it captures brilliant colors for preserving photographs.

The scanner comes in two versions, the desktop and the portable. The portable scanner has all the features of the desktop model (except for the multi-sheet feed capability) and fits easily your pocket or laptop bag.

Neat Works Software

The Neat Works Software works hand in glove with the scanner to remove the paper from your desktop and categorize it into three primary categories: financial information and receipts; business cards and contact information; and documents. Once the page, receipt or business card is scanned in, the Neat Software “reads” the document and puts it into its appropriate category.

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, an empty desk is a sign of the Neat Desk scanner at work.

Sendout Cards

A great Thank You goes a long, long way.

Let your family and friends, your business associates, the people you work with know how much you appreciate them with a heartfelt thank you. SendOut Cards is the perfect way to bypass the electronic chaos in our modern times, and deliver a physical, personal message to impact the lives of the people we care about. From thank you’s to clients for you’ve worked with, to birthday and anniversary cards for friends and families, to spreading the word about upcoming special promotions, SendOut Cards makes it easy to send your personal message to the people who mean the most to you.

We can help you grow your business

picture of a rolodexWhether you are a dentist, salesperson or office worker, there has never been an easier way to send There’s nothing like a genuine thank you, reminder or follow-up card. Greeting cards can be powerful business tools to help make sure your business clients and customers know just how important they are! Studies show that 80% of sales are made after a minimum of five contacts: following up with a SendOut Card is a great way to express your gratitude and keep your new prospects excited about the services you offer them.

Keep up with family and friends

picture of a man on laptopEver forget an important birthday or anniversary? Whether they’re in Lincoln, Rhode Island or Lincoln, Nebraska, SendOut Cards is the perfect way to share your love with your family and closest friends. Our automated notification reminds you (in plenty of time) about important events in their lives and with a couple of clicks, you can choose a custom card or create your own card with a personal message (even a photo if you like).

And it’s on its way. As simple as that. We print it, address it and mail it out for you. Done.

Perfect gifts for any occasion

Want to send more than a card. Our extensive Catalog has the right gift for any occasion. From Books to brownies to gift cards. The perfect gift to express your love and gratitude with the click of a mouse.

We take the grind out of keeping in touch

Constant Contact

Stay in touch with your clients, members and your potential clients and associates with Constant Contact, the recognized leader in email communications management. Create lively e-newsletters, publish exciting coupon offers and special promotions, keep your membership up-to-date with current information. Constant Contact not only provides state-of-the-art design and contact list management tools, it also gives you vital statistical feedback about the effectiveness of your email campaign so that you can refine and focus on your organization’s communications goals.

We teach you how to create your emails, e-newsletters and e-promotions. We show you how to manage your contact list, how to remove low quality contacts and how to target high quality email addresses to improve your anti-spam score. Learn how to import address lists from different sources and combine them into a single coherent database. And most important, how to use Constant Contact’s extensive reporting features to show which segments of your email list are most responsive to your communications and which parts of your message have the greatest impact on your readers.

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